The Happy Hamm's

The Happy Hamm's

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Checking off my "to do's".....slowly but surely

Yes, it's really late, and no, I'm NOT sleeping. I am INCREDIBLY sleep-deprived pretty much at all times considering the fact that my almost 21 month olds (not that I'm counting) are STILL not sleeping through the night. Well, technically, at least one of them will sleep throught the night occasionally, but I think, no, I KNOW that BOTH girls have not slept through the night...on the SAME night, more than a dozen times since birth. Yeah, I SHOULD be sleeping.....but instead, I just placed my order for using a family shot my Sis-in-Law took of us this past November. I HAD to plave this order tonight because a long time ago....a REALLY LONG time ago, I purchased a Groupon to becuase I had LOTS of pictures that I thought would look GREAT on a canvas. Months and months, and MONTHS have passed since the said Groupon puchase, and it was going to expire TONIGHT if I didn't use it. Spending $40 to get $80 worth of stuff seemed like a GREAT IDEA, at the time....actually, it still is a great idea, but I found myself really just annoyed with the fact that I procastinated this to the VERY last minute and now I have to stay up way later than I should....especially considering my kiddos are sleeping (Sophie is however, now in our bed since she woke up screaming 45 minutes ago). Yes, I think that was a HORRIBLY long, grammatically INCORRECT sentence....oh well, it's late, and I'm sleep deprived, REMEMBER?

Bringing me back to the point of my little post....I have SO many things on my "to do" list.....pages and pages of projects, daily chores and just STUFF that I need to accomplish. And even though just as I get to check off one, and yes I actually DO CHECK them OFF my list....I end up adding about FIVE more things to the bottom of the never-ending list. BUT tonight I ACCOMPLISHED something....granted this wasn't a very big something....but today I felt incredibly busy, yet very to be able to accomplish ANYTHING today in its' entirety is something I am going to feel good about.

I'm also hoping that by "publishing" this, I may find myself MORE motivated to stay focused on my "to do's"....I know they will never be least not for another 17 years....but one way or another I'm going to reclaim my organization and my ability to start and then FINISH something on the same day!

Okay, gotta go....Sophie is crying, AGAIN and I've gotta try and get a little sleep.......

Monday, March 14, 2011

Does this make me a "blogger?"

Hi, I'm new here to this big bad blogging thing....and since I pretty much SUCK at keeping anything updated, whatsoever, I decided maybe, just maybe, if I had an outlet to post all kinds of our daily randomness, I would at least have something, somewhere, in print as far as documenting the big, and little, things in our life!

I should first give you a disclaimer....I LOVE, and I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE, run-on sentences....did you see that dot thing? It's my favorite literary tool! I never intended to use the dot thing obsessively (sorry Mrs. Dyck, I can't even remember right now what it's actually even called), but when texting became the latest and greatest form of communication, it just happened naturally for me. This is probably a good indicator of my life....lots, and lots, and LOTS of run-on thoughts.....(see, I did it again)....I think I like the fact that the dots don't finalize any particular thought, they just allow for more information, if necessary. What this really means is that I don't think things through most of the time before I just spew them out....

Okay, so enough about my lack of written grammar....(I swear, I'm going to try to stop that....tomorrow), I really have absolutley no idea in what direction this blog is heading long term, but for now, I'm just going to write...and I guess we'll see where it leads. I for sure plan on talking about my kids, a LOT, and I probably will talk about my love of coupon shopping. Actually, besides spending time with my family and a few close friends, the only other thing I really do in my "spare time" is obsess over coupons, and then shop with them of course.

So, in closing my first "official" blog post....I guess I really didn't say anything important, or interesting, for that matter. BUT, I did it....I "blogged"....does this mean I'm a "blogger???"  I don't know, only time will tell.....I'm going to plan on keeping my very part-time day job (working as an xray tech) for now, but I guess if I get SOO many followers on here that I make a TON of money on advertising, maybe I can be a FULL time stay at home Momma....only time will tell. Until then, I'm heading to bed....maybe I'll post again sometime in the year 2011. We'll see how distracted I get in the mean time.....